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Welcome to Visitor Page

MAFF Visitor Page is Malmö Arab Film Festival's communication tool,  is an electronic interface on the internet, which gives you the opportunity to exchange data and information about you or your movie with Malmö Arab Film Festival and MAFF Market Forum.

Beginning and for one time only, through this page, you can create your own account, log in, and then fill out your database as required. Any addition or modification will be automatically registered in the database once you have saved it.

Through your own page, you can insert and review private personal data at any time, download documents, newsletters, and press releases related to Malmö Arab Film Festival and MAFF Market Forum.

Through your own account, you can submit various requests to register for the festival, such as submit films to participate in festival screenings, participating in competitions for feature films (narrative and documentary) and short films in the development stage, and competitions to support feature films in the post-production stage.

Also, through this account, you can view all the activities and events carried out by the festival and its market, submit requests for accreditation and residence, and participate in special events organized by MAFF.

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