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Porto/Post/Doc takes place annually over the course of ten days in venues across downtown Porto, Portugal, and consists of international contemporary and retrospective "cinema of the real". Across it's International, "Cinema Falado" and "Cinema Novo" Competitions, and parallel programmes (such as Transmission, for documentaries about music and night parties; or the Forum of the Real, with debates with specialists and academics), the festival shows about 160 films each year over 10 days at the end of November to an audience of roughly 30,000. The film selection is guided by a rigorous concern for new forms of cinematic expression that extend and test the boundaries of what is possible in nonfiction cinema, and is also never averse to exploring the non-fictive edges of fiction. Crucially, in its programming and copy, Porto/Post/Doc makes no distinction between the two camps, allowing contemporary cinema to inhabit a space that draws from both practices. And yet, it draws its core identity from its complex relation to the "the real".

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